Benefits of filtered water

February 22, 2019

Benefits of filtered water:

Remove Heavy Metals, chlorine and Dissolved Organic Contaminants

-Eliminate tap water taste and odour

Tap water is treated with a range of chemicals and is exposed to many impurities which give water that unpalatable smell and taste that make it almost unbearable.

When you drink this unfiltered water, your body has to work harder to process the contaminants it contains. Your body works like a filter to remove the harmful chemicals and organic material from the water before the water can be properly utilised. If you drink pure water, you have already done this filtration process, your body can process the water more effectively and can remove any unpleasant odour or tastes.

Reduce acid reflux

Alkaline water filters have been found to reduce the condition known as acid reflux or heartburn. As alkaline water alters the pH level of drinking water, it can help to neutralise the acidic build-up that causes that uncomfortable burning sensation in your oesophagus.

Enhance Hydration, digestion and energy levels

Filtered water enhances the body's ability to transport minerals and nutrients throughout the body. Gaining this optimal level of nutrients not only makes you receive a larger amount of hydration but also helps digest soluble fibre making the whole digestion process much simpler and making you feel a lot better.

Improve skin health

Water with an improved mineral content has a direct effect on hydrating your skin by flushing toxins out of your body more effectively. The absence of chlorine in your drinking water will also aid your pursuit of healthier skin because chlorine is known to deplete the natural oils of your hair and skin.

Protect Your Teeth

Alkaline water filters which raise the pH level of water can help protect against the acidic properties of low or neutral pH water.

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