Exercise and pelvic floor Part 1 - Post natal

February 22, 2019

Exercise and pelvic floor part one; Post natal

This first section is for our mummas! Do you experience a heightened level of anxiety when your personal trainer tells you that your doing skipping or heavy squats today?

Don’t be alarmed or embarrassed as this is very common in women who have been through pregnancy and childbirth. Leakage with load and or urge to urinate is usually due to a pelvic floor weakness post natal. During pregnancy and labour your core and pelvic floor are under a lot of stress. Abdominal separation is one common consequence post natal which creates both core and pelvic floor dysfunction. Similarly any complications during labour such as tears can increase this pelvic floor weakness. Therefore breathing, core and pelvic floor rehabilitation is essential post natal. However if you are experiencing these urges and leakage do not stress as this can be corrected at any age. So if you are experiencing these symptoms when training, book in with one of our movement therapists to allow them to assist you back into your training more effectively.

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