Exercise and pelvic floor part two; overactive pelvic floor

February 22, 2019

Exercise and pelvic floor part two; Overactive pelvic floor

Did you just finish a heavy session at the gym and find yourself busting down your front door to get to the bathroom? Or after that same big workout can’t comfortably sit down without your tailbone hurting? Again don’t be alarmed as this can commonly be caused by an overactive pelvic floor. And yes this can include you too males as it does not just affect our female population.

Other common symptoms that coexist with a hyperactive pelvic floor is pelvic pain atnd low back pain.

In its name the pelvic floor acts to create the ‘floor’ or base of the pelvis, it creates support to the pelvic organs, assists with continence and creates spinal and pelvic stability.

Certain sports and or weight training such as crossfit can lead to a hyperactive pelvic floor which consequently leads to fatigue and dysfunction. This can be due to many reasons such as inaccurate bracing, poor loading and movement patterns and or an overactive core.

If you are experiencing these symptoms and want further assessment, treatment and knowledge on reverting this issue book with one of our movement therapists today!

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