Toes forward Vs Toe outwards squat

July 12, 2021

Its important to remember that a squat is a movement pattern which can be used as

an exercise with difference variations and adding weight. A constant question we are

asked in the clinic is should I squat toes in or toes out.

It is important to be able to perform a body weight squat with feet relatively straight

forward. What this allows is for you to push through your feet evenly, drive equally

through your legs and fire the glutes and quads (prime squat muscles). In most

people this should be achievable. If one is unable to perform this it may be due to

inadequate hip and ankle mobility, reduce pelvis/core stability or possible feet


For performance however a toe out position is also acceptable. By turning your feet

outwards, it creates a biomechanical advantage of not challenging our core and

pelvis, increases muscle recruitment from the adductors and widens the base of

support. The allows you to move more weight effectively and fluently and allow for an

greater depth in the squat.

Ideally feet should out be turned out between 10-30 degrees as anything greater

reduce the activation of the prime muscles and thus less effective.

Thus both variations of the squat are of importance. Toe forward focusing on

movement patterns and range of motion while toe outwards focusing on sport

specific and performance.

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