Mario Avramoski

Exercise Physiologist

Mario is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist that has a passion for helping people improve the way they move.

Mario loves to help people achieve their goals. He has worked with a wide range of injuries and health conditions. From hydrotherapy to gym settings, with people of all ages and cultures. He has helped rehabilitate and increase performance in athletes, to helping someone back to work after a long term back issue. Whether you have an injury or would like to improve your health, he can help you gain the confidence, strength and mobility you need.

When not at work Mario enjoys everything and anything to do with soccer including 2am European League games, always vowing to never stay up for a game again after his team loses (they always lose, he never learns).  Mario is a motorsport enthusiast and enjoys it all from rally to Supercars and even F1. He of course, loves spending time with family and friends."