Exercise Rehabilitation

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Exercise Rehabilitation

At Movement Therapy, exercise rehabilitation is at the core of what we do. It's about helping people recover, manage health issues, and reach specific goals. We focus on these principles throughout our clinic, ensuring a complete path to healing and better health. 

Injury Rehabilitation

We create customised exercise plans that match each person's recovery goals. By taking gradual steps, we rebuild strength, mobility, and function. Each exercise is a step toward reaching important milestones.  

Surgery Rehabilitation

After surgery, our exercises are designed to match each patient's goals. We guide clients through exercises that speed up healing, reduce scars, and bring back normal movement.  

Cardiovascular Rehabilitation

We set goals for cardiovascular health, endurance, and blood pressure management. We work closely with each person to achieve these aims through tailored exercises.  

Specialist Medical Conditions

For different health issues, we set clear goals within our exercise plans. Whether it's diabetes, osteoporosis, or neurological conditions like MS, our exercises are aligned with specific outcomes.  

Paediatric Exercise Rehabilitation

Even with kids, we focus on goals. We work with young patients and their families to set achievable goals that build strength and coordination. We make exercises fun by turning them into games, keeping children engaged and motivated.  

General Population Exercise Rehabilitation

Beyond rehabilitation, we're here for the general population too. We offer exercises and shared appointments that aid in maintaining health and regular physical function, supporting individuals in staying active and well.

Our advanced gym provides the perfect space for this goal-focused approach. Our professionals work closely with clients to set targets and track progress. Whether it's one-on-one or group sessions, we always focus on individual goals. 

Our exercise rehabilitation strategy is based on our core principles: Move Well, Move More, Move For Life. We're dedicated to offering exercise rehabilitation that matches these values, promoting recovery and a healthier, more active lifestyle.

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