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Movement Therapy

A Movement Therapist is a university qualified therapist from the fields of Chiropractic, Exercise Physiology, Osteopathy or Physiotherapy. They use a wide range of techniques and strategies to diagnose and treat movement dysfunction. They do this with the lens of our Movement Therapy principles.

We all train, work and even ‘play’ together #Workasafamilyactasateam. We exchange information and ideas on how we can get our patients the best results.

Whether it be a Chiropractor, Exercise Physiologist, Osteopath or Physiotherapist we are all evidence based, hands on and patient focused. Your treatment is lead by us but revolves around you. We understand you want to fully understand what’s wrong, what you need to do to get to better and the team support around you to reach your goals.

Small Group Training

Our vision is to move our community towards health optimisation. So we have built a program that does just that. Our Small Group Training (SGT) Wellness Program is for people who want to improve their health, physical function and start doing the things they used to be able to do.

You might want to join a gym, be able to walk for 30mins, travel, dance at your 50th, run a marathon, get out of a chair, put the washing on the line, get off the ground, play football, play with your grandchildren, rehabilitation post surgery or avoid surgery. 

In short you want to be well, not sick and enjoying life in its fullest and you don’t know how to get there, or have tried before and failed. You don’t want to be limited by a sore knee, bad back or painful shoulder anymore. In essence, you want to perform at life!

To do this you need a gradual transition to improve your physical capacity and improve how your body moves. You also need support to address how your lifestyle is affecting your health, function and quality of life via a supportive team of both other patients and our expert team.

There are three simple stages. We will gradually transition you through our program as your physical function improves and you’re moving better.

Move Well, Move More, Move For Life
Move Well

You will start your journey 1on1 with a Movement Therapist that uses techniques and strategies aimed at getting you to move well. At this point you might have just injured yourself, been in pain for a short or long time, can’t do something you need to do or want to feel good again. Your therapist could use a range of techniques from dry needling, massage, manipulation, corrective exercises etc We will also start talking to you about how your lifestyle can affect your health, how you feel and move.

Move More

As you’re moving better you will start to move more. You might stay with your current Movement Therapist or progress to a new Movement Therapist that’s better suited to this stage. Either way the focus is on getting you to use your body more. You will notice that you’re become more active generally and starting to move more freely as you understand how your body moves. You will even notice that you’re sleeping, eating and feeling better.

Move for Life

You now know what you need to do and how to do it. At this point you need the support and community around you to stay on the path to your goals. You also need a coach to change and modify things to continue the progress. Working in a small group of 4-5 people twice a week with a Movement Therapist, makes sure your progress continues and stays on track.

Mission Accomplished!

From here we will introduce you to our partners out in the community, that can keep you on the right path and stay that way.


Movement Therapy is focused on helping move communities towards health optimisation. We help our patients perform at life and we are passionate about it, some might say obsessed. A big part of this mission is to help people in the Greater Western Sydney, Macarthur, Wollondilly, Illawarra and Wingecarribee regions with disabilities thrive.

The NDIS is there to support a better life for Australians with significant and permanent disability as well as their family and carers. Our industry leading and professional team of physiotherapists and exercise physiologists help people supported by the NDIS achieve this via reaching their own physical and capacity building goals. We do this either in our state of the art gym, treatment rooms or in your own home via home visits or Telehealth.

Free Initial Telehealth Appointment

Sometimes knowing what you need to do for your physical function goals and capacity growth can be confusing. This is why we are offering a free Telehealth consultation to explain how our team at Movement Therapy can help.

You might have questions like,

Would Physiotherapy or Exercise Physiology help me?
Are in clinic, home visits or TeleHealth best for me?
Does my plan include your services?
What type of supports, resources or equipment do I need?

If you would like to know more on how we could help you, a family member or a client please get in contact with us, we look forward to meeting you.


Accessing essential health services is not always convenient or possible, which is why we offer all our services online/Telehealth to our community and around Australia. We are able to guide you through your rehabilitation, home exercise program and even give you a diagnosis of what’s wrong if you are in pain and aren’t able to leave the house.

What do you need and how does it work?
  • A good internet connection (if you can watch a video online, you can make a video call)
  • A private, well-lit area where you will not be disturbed during the consultation
    Web-camera, speakers and microphone (already built into most laptops and smartphones, however headphones tend to work better)
Two step process!
  1. Book in online or via the phone for an Online or TeleHealth appointment. (If you’re unsure what you need, don’t worry we will talk you through it.)
  2. Your therapist will call you via your telephone at your appointment time to talk you through it.
Telehealth can also an option if you’re part of the NDIS, Workers Compensation or Compulsory Third Party Insurance schemes. Please get in contact with us if you would like to learn more.