Fracture Management

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Fracture Management

At Movement Therapy, our clinic takes a thorough approach to managing fractures. We begin by using casts or braces to immobilise the areas and help it heal properly. If the situation requires more specialised care, we can connect patients with experts who focus on specific treatments.  

We continue to support the healing process throughout and post immobilisation.  

Our hands-on treatments are designed to reduce pain, swelling, and discomfort. These techniques help the body heal more effectively and make the recovery journey smoother.  

We also provide personalised exercise rehabilitation to help patients regain strength, flexibility, and movement. 

These exercises are tailored to each individual's needs, ensuring that they can recover their abilities step by step.  

Whether the treatment plan involves just stabilising the fracture or if surgery is needed, we're here to guide and support patients throughout the entire process. 

Our main aim is to ensure that people heal well, feel better, and are able to return to their normal activities. 

At Movement Therapy, we understand that recovering from a fracture involves more than just fixing the bone – it's about helping individuals regain their quality of life and overall well-being.    

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