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Headache is a prevalent medical condition that causes pain or discomfort in the head or upper neck, impacting millions worldwide. With varying intensity and duration, proper diagnosis and treatment are crucial for effective management.

Approximately 10-20% of the population experiences headaches, emphasising the need for personalised care.  

Given the diverse nature of headaches, it is essential to accurately identify the specific underlying cause to tailor an effective treatment plan. Movement therapists can assist with various types of headaches, including tension, migraine, sinus, cervico-genic, vestibular, and referral headaches from the neck or the temporomandibular joint (Jaw). 

To ensure comprehensive care, movement therapists conduct thorough assessments, employing standardised screening tools to differentiate mobility and stability issues and any vestibular lesions. Functional movement patterns are carefully examined to guide personalised treatment plans. If objective measures indicate further imaging or medical investigation is needed, movement therapists will make appropriate referrals.  

Empowering you with knowledge, the therapist tailors a treatment plan to your unique needs. Advice on pain management and activity modifications adapts to your progress and lifestyle. Specific hands-on therapies, such as soft tissue massage and joint mobilisations, enhance pain relief and mobility. Specific exercises target movement dysfunctions, reinforcing healthy patterns for long-term comfort. 

By addressing the root cause of your headaches, you can experience improved quality of life and enhanced overall well-being.

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