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At Movement Therapy, we're dedicated to supporting children and adolescents throughout their physical development journey. Our specialised services cater to various needs, including sporting and general injuries, as well as addressing pains associated with growth spurts and development. We focus on fostering gross motor skill enhancement and assisting children with specific health conditions, including NDIS support.  

Sporting and General Injuries

Whether it's a sports-related injury or a general mishap, our expert team is skilled in managing a wide range of injuries, ensuring effective recovery and helping young individuals get back to their active lives.  

Pains Associated with Growth Spurts and Development

We provide strategies to manage discomfort linked to growth spurts, promoting healthy development while addressing associated pains.  

Gross Motor Skill Enhancement

Our specialisation lies in creating engaging activities and exercises that enhance coordination, balance, and overall physical abilities, making skill development an enjoyable experience.  

Specialised Health Conditions and NDIS Support

Our commitment extends to children with specialised needs. We collaborate closely with the NDIS to provide tailored care, including personalised exercise plans, hands-on treatment, and developmental milestone support, empowering children to thrive.

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