Adam Colla

Wollongong Clinic

Where did you study?

University of Sydney

What are your areas of interest?

Sports Injuries, Knee Injuries, High Performance

What's your why?

I initially wanted to become a physio because I was fascinated by human movement, particularly in high performance athletes. Starting my studies in Exercise Science, this fascination with human movement and performance continued to grow. I found myself following various sports stars' injuries, and was increasingly intrigued by the rehabilitation and recovery process post-injury. The satisfaction of working with individuals to aid in their recovery post-injury and witnessing the transformative impact on their lives has meant that physiotherapy has evolved from a profession into a passion.

What's your guilty pleasure when you have free time?

Watching NBA all day!

The greatest movie of the last 50 years is?

Remember the Titans

What does the world need more of to be a better place?


Favourite type of music?

DJ House or India Rock

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life what would it be?

KFC Zinger Burger

If you were marooned on a tropical island, which two staff members would you want with you and why?

Liam and Dan. Endless amount of table tennis to play while on the island, would come off the island world champs. Both yellow brains and would be able to come up with ideas of shelter, food, water and eventual escape off the island.

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