Jacob Gleeson

Picton Clinic

Where did you study?

Macquarie Uni

What are your areas of interest?

Sports Injuries, Neck/Shoulder Pain, Gym/Crossfit

What's your why?

Always been interested in movement, from Rugby to in the Gym. Help people achieve better health and well-being to enjoy moving. At MT I have the facilities, resources and mentors to help me grow as a chiropractor and a movement therapist.

What's your guilty pleasure when you have free time?

Arvo Hot Choccie

The greatest movie of the last 50 years is?

Billy Madison

What does the world need more of to be a better place?

Budgie smugglers

Favourite type of music?

Whatever comes on shuffle

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life what would it be?


If you were marooned on a tropical island, which two staff members would you want with you and why?

Taylor - stay entertained with endless Adam Sandler quotes. Ben - an endless supply of lunchtime boiled eggs

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