Sarah McMahon

Wollongong Clinic

Where did you study?

Macquarie University

What are your areas of interest?

Lower Back Pain, Headaches & Dizziness, Jaw Dysfunction

What's your why?

When I was in my tweens I used to suffer from torticollis (wry neck) and headaches quite often. It caused me a lot of pain and stopped me from doing activities. We tried a lot of therapists who would help a little but it wasn't until I saw a chiropractor that I had immediate relief from symptoms and they were able to help me understand why the condition kept coming back. From then I suffered less frequently and was able to effectively manage the pain when it came. I wanted to be able to help people in the way my chiropractor helped me.

What's your guilty pleasure when you have free time?

Reality TV. Don't judge!

The greatest movie of the last 50 years is?

Pretty Woman

What does the world need more of to be a better place?

Kind people

Favourite type of music?

Pop, indie and house

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life what would it be?

Asian noodle soup

If you were marooned on a tropical island, which two staff members would you want with you and why?

Laura cause she's strong and gets stuff done and Nick to come up with the crazy idea that would get us home.

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