What Chiropractors don't want you to know

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Chiropractors… What do know about them?

They crack backs.

They examine the spine.

Appointments are 5 minutes long.

You may have to go 3 x per week.

You could be going there for the next year to fix your issue.


And many Chiropractors who are like the above - they don’t want you to know about the others. Why? Because the above is a great business model!

But we’re here to tell you about the OTHER Chiropractors that exist.

The Chiro’s that have 60 minute initial consultations. With 30 minute follow up’s.

That don’t just examine your spine. That look at your body from head to toe to work out what’s going wrong.

That provide manual therapy without always needing to adjust things.

That provide home exercises to help mobilise your body.

That improve your strength and function to help you achieve your goals.

That see other health professionals as allies, and not competition.

The good news.. They work right under our roof.

Our team of Chiropractors work closely with our in house Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists to provide the best outcomes for YOU.

We don’t offer 5 minute appointments where you get a quick crack of the back and you’re out the door.

We offer an extensive assessment and expansive treatment options where the entire focus is getting you to your goal.

If you want to move better, are experiencing pain and discomfort or are just not getting anywhere with the OTHER types of Chiropractors.. Reach out and find out more about what the Chiropractors at Movement Therapy do.


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